Escriure sobre la pròpia vida

No hi ha res més agradable que trobar escrit i ben dit allò que hom pensa... O potser sí, i és trobar alguna cosa que encar ano has pensat i que encaixa perfectament en allò que estaves pensant... Ve a ser el toc de gràcia que t'encoratja a tirar endavant, i a acostar-te a realitzar efectivament allò que anaves covant com a idea...

"Whatever we call the form -autobiography, memoir, personal history, family history- writing about one's life is a powerful human need. Who doesn't want to leave behind some record of his or her accomplishments and thoughts and emotions? (...)

Writers are the custodians of memory (...)
Whether your memory ever gets published isn't finally the point. There are many good reasons for writing that have nothing to do with getting published. One is the personal satisfaction of coming to terms with your life narrative (...)
All writers are embarked on a quest of some kind, and you're entitle to go on yours. (...)
Along the way in these mini-memoirs I've paused to explain technical decisions I made when I wrote them. They are the same kind of decisions you'll have to make when you write about your life. Mostly they are matters of craft: selection, reduction, organization, unity, voice, tone. But they are also matters of attitude: enjoyment, confidence, curiosity, intention, integrity, courage, grace. Those are the lubricants that keep us going and produce our best work. To write well about your life you only have to be true to yourself. "

William Zinsser. Writing about your life. A Journey into the Past. Da Capo Press 2004. pg. 6-8

M'encanta la lleugeresa i, al mateix temps, la profunditat d'aquesta frase que jo subratllo.
Només cal ser honest amb un mateix i amb això n'hi ha prou.


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